Rostvertol and Moscow-based Mil helicopter plant have launched a two-year retrofit programme for the Mi-2 Hoplite light utility helicopter. The move is designed to ramp up sales of the twin-engined machine, to be renamed the Mi-2A and widen its international appeal.

Central to the upgrade is the replacement of the PZL Rzeszow GTD-350 with the more powerful 335kW (450shp) ZMKB Progress AI-450 turboshaft, also selected by Kazan to power the Ka-226 helicopter. The machine will also be fitted with a new composite main and tail rotor blades, as well as a new avionics package offered as standard.

Rostvertol says investors are showing an interest in the Mi-2A, which, it adds, will cost less than equivalent light helicopters on the international market.

The Mi-2 is targeted at training, private flying, passenger transport, agricultural and search and rescue markets. To date around 5,500 of the type have been built - most by PZL Swidnik in Poland.

Source: Flight International