CIS certification authority approves Sukhoi-led programme after examining mock-up of aircraft's flightdeck and cabin

The recently completed mock-up of the flightdeck of the Russian Regional Jet (RRJ) reveals the Airbus-like sidestick controller (SSC) layout that has been adopted for the all-new 60- to 95-seat family.

Following an inspection of the cockpit and cabin mock-ups, the CIS certification authority ARMAK has issued its approval for the Sukhoi-led programme.

The RRJ will be the first airliner family outside the Airbus range to be equipped with SSCs. Boeing, which has an advisory role on the RRJ programme, has historically been against the SSC concept.

Thales is providing the integrated cockpit avionics package which is based on the system developed for the Airbus A380 - including the 152 x 203mm (6 x 8in) displays - while Liebherr Aerospace is supplying the fly-by-wire controls.

This month Sukhoi is due to sign a $50 million contract with Thales covering the non-recurring costs for the avionics, and a second contract on the supply of 60 packages for Sibir's order of 50 RRJ-95Bs, plus 10 options.

A similar deal will be concluded with Liebherr.

Sukhoi general director Mikhail Pogosyan says none of the Russian avionics suppliers have been selected to undertake subcontractor work for Thales and Liebherr on cockpit avionics and flight controls.



Source: Flight International