RSK MiG aims to increase its share in production of the Tu-334 102-seat regional airliner after completion of an assembly site at the company's Lapik production complex in Lukhovisty near Moscow.

The site has a nominal capacity of 20 aircraft annually. It is planned to construct 130 Tu-334s for CIS airlines by 2012, while the international market is estimated at 800 units. The basic Tu-334-100 with ZMKB Progress D-436T1 engines is offered for $18 million.

RSK MiG says it had to assume a higher workshare in the second operable aircraft that was recently rolled out at the Kigaz state plant in the Ukrainian capital Kiev to accelerate completion of the aircraft.

At a programme review in late May, it was reported that Tu-334 development is behind schedule, but the main objectives can be reached in the timeframe set by the Russian government, including production start in 2004.

To achieve this, RSK MiG is asking for extra state funding, which the government is expected to grant later this year. The first Tu-334 prototype has logged 192 flights.

Source: Flight International