US start-up Aviation Technologies International (ATI) is redesigning its RT-700 high-performance, pressurised piston twin in a effort to produce the fastest, most spacious and fuel-efficient business aircraft in its class.

Industry feedback to the original design was positive, says Ravi Tripuraneni, founder and president of the Orange County, California-based company, “but we feel the aircraft could be even better”. The redesign will be completed in the third quarter and a mock-up of the aircraft, which is targeted at the business and air-taxi markets, will be rolled out at October’s National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in Orlando, Florida. “We will officially launch the RT-700 at NBAA and begin our marketing drive there,” says Tripuraneni.

The RT-700 will feature a shorter fuselage and wings to reduce drag. “We will cut about 5ft [1.5m] off the 32ft [10m] fuselage – taking the space from the large baggage compartment and bulkhead – but will increase cabin height and width,” he adds. ATI is evaluating its choice of powerplant with the Teledyne Continental TSIO-550A and a 360hp six-cylinder diesel engine, being developed by French manufacturer SMA, under consideration.

The new RT-700 will feature a dramatic increase in the aircraft’s range, climb and maximum cruise, although Tripuraneni remains tight-lipped on the figures.

Source: Flight International