Russia will allocate 68 billion roubles ($2.3 billion) for equipment acquisition next year, more than envisaged earlier this year.

The extra spending will fund the purchase of attack helicopters, communications systems and reconnaissance equipment, says Russian defence minister Sergei Ivanov.

Meanwhile, finance minister Aleksei Kudrin says: "This year is going to be the first in the new Russian history when the military spending has been provided on time and in full."

Although the details of the military budget remain secret, it is understood the bulk of investment will go to acquiring Topol-M mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles to replace ageing silo-based missiles.

It is also believed that next year an effort will be made to finish assembly of 12 Kamov Ka-50 attack helicopters, order several new and upgraded MilMi-8MTKO Hip and Mil Mi-24VK Hind helicopters and upgrade TupolevTu-95MS Bear strategic bombers and Sukhoi Su-24, Su-25, Su-27UB, and Su-30 tactical aircraft.

Source: Flight International