After the cancellation of Turkey's previous attack helicopter competition, Russia has relaunched its bid to secure a revived deal with the Mil Mi-28, rather than the modified Kamov Ka-52 previously on offer.

Turkey abandoned its stalled attack helicopter project in May, after years of unsuccessful negotiations over pricing and technology transfer issues linked to its proposed buy of 145 Bell AH-1Z King Cobras (Flight International, 25-31 May). TheKamov/Israel Aircraft Industries-promoted Ka-50-2 Erdogan design was second in the evaluation process, which called for local assembly by Tusas Aerospace Industries.

Under its new plan, Turkey intends to acquire 50 helicopters under a direct purchase from the aircraft's overseas manufacturer. The new helicopter should enter service by the end of 2008, equipped with avionics and weapons systems sourced from the same country as the airframe supplier.

Bell is contesting the requirement with its AH-1Z and competition comes from AgustaWestland's A129 Mangusta, Boeing's AH-64D Apache, Eurocopter's Tiger and the Russian-backed Mi-28.



Source: Flight International