Russian authorities are contemplating introducing a blanket ban on using Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft unless their reliability is improved.

Airline industry regulator Rosaviatsia has compiled a list of additional technical requirements with the aim of securing the type's system functionality.

"If aircraft manufacturers and suppliers do not meet these requirements, we'll advise that carriers cease operating Tu-154s starting from July," says Rosaviatsia chief Alexander Neradko.

Speaking at the regulatory agency's board meeting, Neradko pointed to several accidents involving the type over the past two years.

"There were 10 emergency situations caused by power supply faults, of which seven stemmed from inadequacies in battery actuation," he says.

Russian airlines have 61 Tu-154Ms and 18 Tu-154Bs, which account for a third of domestic mainline aircraft serving medium-range routes.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news