Russian manufacturers will limit their involvement in Airbus A350 production purely to subcontract work.

The manufacturer is in negotiations with Russian companies about participation on the new twinjet, “but they have decided not to bid at the tier-one risk-sharing level”, A350 chief engineer Dougie Hunter says. “They want to be at tier two, with someone else taking design responsibility.”

However, the partnership with Chinese companies will be on a risk-sharing basis, says Hunter. “We intend to allocate 5% of production to Chinese companies as fi rst-tier risk-sharing suppliers, but have not concluded the negotiations. We’ve given them the opportunity to bid on a number of packages to a much higher value than the 5% to allow them and us to fi nd the best fit.”

France and the UK look set to have a slightly lower share of A350 production than on previous Airbus programmes, due to an increase in the Spanish division’s involvement. Airbus España, which other than on the A380, where it has a 10% share, traditionally builds around 4.2% of each Airbus, will produce around 8% of the A350. As well keeping its traditional responsibility for the horizontal tailplane, Airbus España will also take over the Section 19/19.1 rear fuselage from Airbus
Deutschland and the belly fairing from Airbus France.

Meanwhile, Airbus Deutschland will produce the composite upper wing skins (a function previously handled by Airbus UK) in Nordenham near Hamburg. Airbus France will produce some of the fuselage panels traditionally made in Germany.


Source: Flight International