Russian light aircraft manufacturer ZEVS Avia has begun production of its two-seat Elitar 202 piston single, and says Russian certification is due by November.

Ten aircraft have been built and 12 more are on order, says ZEVS Avia manager Igor Bezrodnov. The Samara-based private company sees a potential market for 600 machines in Russia in the next three years, and could produce up to 25 aircraft a month if demand allows.

Bezrodnov says ZEVS Avia plans to target the European market, but will form a partnership with a resident company before considering certification.

The $60,000 Bombardier Rotax 912S/914-powered Elitar 202 has a maximum speed of 145kt (270km/h) and a range of 650km (350nm). The aircraft is aimed at the owner-flown business aircraft and aerial work markets.

Source: Flight International