Russia's military budget for 2005 includes funds to resume Beriev's A-42 amphibian project, with money from the air force and the naval air arm, says company general director Victor Kobzev.

The defence ministry earlier this year outlined new specifications for the A-42, requesting the development of a multirole aircraft capable of transport, reconnaissance, targeting and strike tasks. "The A-40 and A-42 were conceived as search-and-rescue aircraft," says Kobzev. "Now the customer is asking for a multirole platform. A new-configuration A-42 is to have Perm Motor Complex PS-90A engines for powerplant [commonality] with [Ilyushin] Il-76MD90 and Il-76MF airlifters. We are working with suppliers to upgrade the two experimental aircraft."

The Russian defence ministry cancelled funding for 10 A-40/42 search-and-rescue aircraft in the early 1990s following the construction of two prototype A-40s powered by NPO Saturn D-30KPV jet engines and an A-42 with ZMKB Progress D-27A propfans. A proposed A-42PE maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare (ASW) variant also failed to attract export interest. The Russian navy funded development work on its own ASW variant in 2002-3.



Source: Flight International