Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed an act creating a unified avionics company, Avionika, based on an association of companies around the Technocomplex research and production centre.

Technocomplex president Givi Djandjgava says the new joint stock company will be created by mid-2005 and will include 19 aircraft instrument-making plants, with 51% of its shares belonging to the government. "We realise only too well that a defence facility cannot be privatised and no other entity but the government will be able to give guarantees for its support," he adds.

The company will include the Ramenskoye avionics design bureau federal research and production centre in the Moscow region, Moscow's Avionika research and production facility, the Pribor plant in Kursk, the Ramenskoye instrument-making works in the Moscow region, the Elara research and production instrument-making enterprise in Cheboksary, and Technopribor in St Petersburg.

The new company will develop and manufacture navigation systems, fire-control radars, automatic pilots, onboard computers, flight-control systems and life-support systems.

Source: Flight International