The Russian air force unveiled its Ilyushin Il-76MD-90 strategic airlifter at the Moscow air show in August (Flight International, 28 August-3 September). It is a standard Il-76MD refurbished with Perm PS-90A76 turbofans replacing NPO Saturn D-30KPs.

The aircraft also features improved Leninets Kupol-76M avionics. Cruise speed is increased to 445kt (825km/h), maximum take-off weight to 210,000kg (460,000lb) and payload to 60,000kg, while fuel efficiency is up by 8-10%. The aircraft also meets International Civil Aviation Organisation Chapter 4 requirements.

A more advanced version of the aircraft is on the way. To be produced by VASO, the Il-476 - or "fourth-generation Il-76" - will feature PS-90A76s, a glass cockpit, and a further 13-17% improvement in fuel efficiency. Separately, an Il-76 is being used as a testbed for Kuznetsov NK-93 ducted fan engines.

Source: Flight International