Russia’s air transport accident investigation authority believes an international commission should take responsibility for the flight recorders from the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 lost over Ukraine.

The Interstate Aviation Committee says that the “difficult situation” surrounding the crash makes it “necessary” to establish an ICAO-backed international commission to take charge of, and examine, the flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders.

It adds that the investigation should be conducted under the standards laid out in ICAO’s Annex 13 to the Chicago Convention, which sets out civil aviation accident procedures.

Ukraine’s state aviation administration says that the aircraft was being overseen by the Dnipropetrovsk area centre of Ukrainian air traffic service UkSATSE.

But acting UkSATSE general director Dmitry Babeychuk says that, up to the point at which flight MH17 vanished from radar coverage, the aircraft’s crew “did not transmit any information about any problems on board”.

Babeychuk says the Ukrainian government has set up a committee, chaired by deputy prime minister Vladimir Groisman, to look into the circumstances of the crash.

ICAO and Eurocontrol will provide support, he adds, while the US National Transportation Safety Board will be invited to participate.

Source: Cirium Dashboard