A KH-25ML (AS-10 KAREN) laser-guided air-to-surface missile, fired from a Russian air force Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft in February, deviated from its aiming point at Pogonovo firing range in Southern Russia and narrowly missed Novovoronezh nuclear-power station.

The missiles live explosive-fragmentation 90kg warhead detonated on impact, causing extensive damage to nearby buildings.

The Su-25 - belonging to the 899 Attack Air Regiment, based at Buturlinovka air base in Voronezh region - was on a training flight to the missile range.

The investigating commission says that nothing was wrong with the aiming point and launch sequences, but the missile became uncontrollable seconds after launch and impacted 10km outside the range area. The air force has been ordered to stop firings of Kh-25 missiles until the investigation is complete.

Source: Flight International