Russian business-aviation operators are on the way to forming their own association, and will lead a slew of new countries affiliating with the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

EBAA draws its members from national associations as well as individual operators, manufacturers, fixed-base operators and service providers. Russia has several individual members, but has yet to form a national association.

Olivier de l'Estoile, board member of EBAA and president of EBAA France, says plans are advanced in Russia to create a national association and join EBAA. "If Russian operators can organise themselves and agree to pay the subscription, then they could join soon," he says. Other countries from eastern and southern Europe could follow Russia, de l'Estoile says. Jordan is also being considered.

EBAA is becoming more vocal in its lobbying as the European Aviation Safety Agency takes on many tasks previously performed by the Joint Aviation Authorities.


Source: Flight International