THE FIRST photograph of the Sukhoi Su-24MP (Fencer F) electronic-warfare (EW) aircraft cockpit shows a considerably revised layout for the electronic-systems operator.

The rarely seen aircraft is used by the Russian air force for EW combat training at the Lipetsk air base. Only a dozen Su-24MPs (pictured above) were built, suggesting that the aircraft was not a complete success in the EW role.

The electronic-systems-operator's position (pictured right) has been greatly modified, compared with that of the Fencer D attack aircraft (pictured left). The main display panels, have been removed, to be replaced by the EW console. The D model's defensive-aids subsystem panel has also been moved. The bulk of the jamming kit is in the aircraft's nose and centreline pod.

A blade antenna is visible below the nose, as are the two "hockey-stick" communications-jamming antennae. The Russian air force wants to replace the Fencer F, with a two-seat variant of the Su-27 being the most likely candidate.

Source: Flight International