Bombardier says approval for reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) operations with the Global Express ultra-long-range business jet is planned for the second quarter. RVSM approval for the light Learjet 31A and superlight Learjet 45 are expected at about the same time.

The Canadian manufacturer already has RVSM approval for the Challenger series and the Learjet 60, as well as the Canadair Regional Jet and its Special Edition corporate variant. The Challenger was approved in December 1996 and became the first business aircraft to receive RVSM operational approval.

Gulfstream announced this month that it had gained RVSM approval for the GV ultra-long-range business jet. Bombardier says the lack of RVSM approval does not hinder Global Express operators because the aircraft can climb above the North Atlantic airspace block reserved for RVSM operations (31,000-39,000ft) while still within radar coverage.

"The Global Express can fly any North American/European city pair without any operational limitations," says the company.

Source: Flight International