Ryanair has awarded Honeywell a $122 million contract to supply avionics, wheels and brakes for the Boeing 737-800 aircraft it has on order.

The low-fares carrier has 100 firm orders for 737-800s, with options for 50 more, to be delivered between 2002 and 2010.

Honeywell (Hall 1, A15) avionics selected by Ryanair include weather radar with predictive windshear detection, the Quantum line of communications and navigation equipment, solid-state flight data and cockpit voice recorders, aircraft collision avoidance system (ACAS II) and Mode S transponder. Ryanair has also selected Honeywell wheels and brakes with Cerametalix friction material for the 737-800s.

"Honeywell already suppliess many products and services to our existing fleet of 737-800s, and we have found that we are able to ensure quality of the product and reduce our costs by growing our partnership with them," says Ryanair technical director Michael Hickey.

Source: Flight Daily News