Germany's OHB-System has awarded Saab Ericsson a contract to develop the antenna systems for a new fleet of radar reconnaissance satellites.

Five synthetic aperture radar SAR-Lupe satellites are being developed for the German Ministry of Defence with deliveries to be completed in 2005. The 1m resolution craft will be placed in 500km orbits and the first satellite will be launched by Russia in 2005.

The antenna systems will comprise a reflector and a deployable boom with feed horns. The 3m reflector is based on Saab Ericsson's generic technology.

The company's Linkoping plant in Sweden will build the equipment, with its subsidiary company, Austrian Aerospace of Vienna making the deployable boom assemblies.

Saab Ericsson's latest space deliveries have included similar equipment for the Rosetta and Odin science spacecraft and Eutelsat W4 and Sirius communications satellites.

Source: Flight Daily News