Saab logo The Saab regional aircraft story began in 1980 with the Saab 340 programme.  It was the first of a new generation 30-seat turboprops with fuel efficient engines.  It entered service in 1984.  Over 450 were produced and the fleet has accumulated over 12 million flight hours and 13 million cycles.  The Saab 340 is flown in the USA networks of American Eagle, Continental Express, Northwest Airlink, USAirways and United Express.  It is flown by REX in Australia which is the largest Saab 340 operator outside the USA.  In Europe Loganair is the main customer.  It was followed by the larger high-speed 50-seater Saab 2000 in 1995.  The Saab 2000 fleet has exceeded one million flight hours and the current main operators are Eastern in UK, Carpatair in Romania, Golden Air in Sweden, Polet in Russia as well as corporate and government customers.


American Eagle Saab 340

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  • Principal Dimensions
    Overall length: 27.28 m
    Wingspan: 24.76 m
    Maximum takeoff weight: 23,000 kg
    Maximum landing weight 22,000 kg
    Max cruise: 684 km/h
    Max range:2,500 km
    Typical passenger capacity: 2+50
    Maximum passenger capacity: 2+58
    Max Ceiling: 31,000 ft
    Powerplant: 2xAE2100

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