Saab is not always a name that springs to mind when it comes to aviation simulation and training when compared to ‘sim giants’ such as Flight Safety and CAE. Yet aside from its well-known aircraft programmes, Saab provides mission training and tactical support systems for military aviation.

Building on a long tradition of modelling and simulation means Saab can offer a comprehensive range of products ranging from cost-effective desktop systems to sophisticated full mission simulators and complete training systems with associated services.

Saab offers simulation services for fighter aircraft, trainers, transports and helicopters. And the company is adamant that one of the key elements to the development strategy is securing up-to-date mission training and tactical support solutions for each customer’s requirements.

“When potential customer realise our extensive know-how and experience and when we present our delivered solutions, in use within the Air Forces of the Czech Republic, Hungary and South Africa, they are both impressed and surprised,” says Magnus Engström, marketing manager Saab Aerosystems.

Source: Flight Daily News