French authorities are offering support to personnel of carrier Aigle Azur after a court decision to liquidate the troubled airline.

Aigle Azur cancelled all flights on 7 September, having been put under creditor protection a few days earlier, and has since been the subjected of investment and acquisition proposals.

But none of the proposals impressed the company’s administrators.

The airline operated mainly from Paris Orly to destinations primarily in Europe and Africa, using a fleet of Airbus A330s and A320s.

France’s transport secretary Jean-Baptiste Djebbari states that Aigle Azur had been given its “best chance” to secure a recovery proposal through the cancellation of “several million euros” in social and tax debt.

But following a final decision of the commercial court in Evry, says the French ministry of ecological and solidarity transition, no offer for the carrier was considered to permit a successful recovery of the airline.

“Special support will be provided for the Aigle Azur personnel to ensure a quicker return to employment,” the ministry adds, including offers of training.