No explosives or weapons have been found after an Aeroflot aircraft diverted to Khanty-Mansiysk following an alleged attempted hijacking.

The 41-year old individual arrested after the incident has been charged with hijacking the Boeing 737-800 which had been bound for Moscow Sheremetyevo on 22 January.

It had departed Surgut when, according to the federal Investigative Committee, the accused man tried to break into the cockpit, and indicated he was carrying weapons.

But the committee says no such weapons or explosives were discovered during a subsequent search of the alleged attacker.

While investigators had initially indicated that the man was intoxicated, a medical examination reveal no traces of alcohol, nor any evidence of narcotic or psychotropic substances in his blood.

“Given the [nature] of his behaviour on board the aircraft, and the severity of the crime, the accused was referred for a psychiatric assessment,” the committee says.

Investigators have questioned the crew and passengers of the flight, SU1515, as well as the relatives of the man charged. Searches have also been carried out at his place of residence.

Source: Cirium Dashboard