Asiana Airlines has announced several organisational changes with the establishment of new teams and functions as it seeks to be what it describes as a "young, active and fast" company in the year ahead.

In his first new year address, newly appointed president and chief executive Han Chang-soo says Asiana has promoted several new team leaders, which in turn "greatly reduced" the average age of its leadership. This has also led to the replacement of 54 positions.

Among the organisational changes, Asiana has established a "management innovation team", that will focus on improving processes, strengthening IT functions to improve project planning and data integration.

Han adds that the carrier has also set up a team dedicated to expanding online sales, while its revenue management department has been expanded to incorporate sales and marketing functions.

In addition, Asiana will establish a dedicated team to strength cargo sales, with an aim to "maximise profitability with passenger operations".

Separately, a new operations team has been established to oversee lighting and ground safety work. It will also later be expanded to include a task force that will look into improving aircraft scheduling and on-time performance.

Han, who assumed leadership in September 2018, was formerly head of Asiana IDT, the technology unit of the airline’s parent Kumho Asiana Group, as well as chief financial officer of the carrier.

"2019 [is] the first year for Asiana Airlines's second leap... [We] read the trends in the rapidly changing aviation industry and [are] deploying a young [team] of organisational leaders," says Ahn Byeong-seok, head of the Asiana Airlines Management Division.

"I am expecting young people to think young and act young and create a new wind in the company. I am confident that the new organisational leaders will become a new growth engine in the era of global competition."

Source: Cirium Dashboard