Boeing forecasts that 635,000 new commercial airline pilots will be required globally between 2018 and 2037, down slightly from last year's projection of 637,000.

The manufacturer's 2018 Pilot and Technician Outlook shows that across the commercial, business aviation and helicopter segments, there will be a global requirement for 790,000 pilots.

By region, Asia-Pacific will require 261,000 pilots. North America 206,000, Europe 146,000, the Middle East 64,000, Latin America 57,000, Africa 29,000 and Russia/Central Asia 27,000.

Boeing says that Asia-Pacific will need 240,000 new commercial pilots, reflecting the region's dominance of new aircraft deliveries.

That figure is down by 5.8% on last year, with the airframer expecting pilot retirements to peak in the 2018-2027 period. As a result, demand to replace retiring pilots will soften in the later years, as more younger pilots enter the industry.

Boeing also reduced its forecast for new commercial airline maintenance technicians to 622,000, down 4% from its forecast a year ago. This is due to more efficient maintenance practices, and reduced maintenance hours required over the life of new aircraft.

Asia-Pacific will also see the greatest demand for new commercial technicians at 242,000, also down 5%.

Including business aviation and helicopter technicians, global demand for technicians over the next two decades will reach 754,000. Asia-Pacific will require 257,000 new technicians, North America 189,000, Europe 132,000, the Middle East 66,000, Latin America 55,000, Africa 28,000, and Russia/Central Asia 27,000..

In addition, Boeing has forecast global demand for 858,000 cabin crew members until 2037, up from 839,000 last year.

Source: Cirium Dashboard