Indonesian investigators are probing a serious incident involving a Citilink ATR 72-600 which hit an airport fence on landing.

The turboprop (PK-GJR) was arriving at Ende airport after a service from Halim, in east Jakarta, on 19 November.

But French investigation authority BEA, citing Indonesian counterparts, states that the aircraft “collided with the airport fence” during its approach to Ende’s runway 27.

Ende is a city in East Nusa Tenggara province and the airport is situated adjacent to the coast, with a fence located about 100m from the runway 27 threshold.

The aircraft subsequently touched down and taxied to the apron, says BEA.

No-one was injured in the event, it adds, but it has no details regarding any damage to the aircraft.

Citilink acquired the turboprop from parent company Garuda Indonesia in 2019. Garuda originally took delivery of the aircraft four years ago, in late 2017, on lease from Nordic Aviation Capital.

Citilink ATR 72-600-c-Citilink

Source: Citilink

Garuda’s Citilink has a small number of ATRs among a fleet mainly comprising Airbus jets