Russian investigators are probing an accident in which a departing aircraft fatally struck a person on the runway at Moscow Sheremetyevo.

Moscow’s regional transport division of the federal Investigative Committee says the Boeing 737 was taking off on a service to Athens at around 20:10 local time on 20 November.

It says a man, 25 years of age, was struck by the undercarriage of the jet and suffered fatal injuries, according to preliminary information obtained by the committee.

“At present, an inquiry team is working at the scene, and investigative actions are being carried out to establish all the circumstances and causes of the incident,” it adds.

While it has not identified the operator involved, the time of the accident coincides with the departure of an Aeroflot 737-800 operating the SU2112 service to Athens. The jet took off on runway 24L.

There is no indication as to whether the crew was aware of the situation, but the flight proceeded to Greece.

Meteorological data for the time of the event shows good visibility, although the departure would have occurred in darkness.

Source: Cirium Dashboard