Doncaster Sheffield airport in the UK has been forced to close its runway after a Boeing 747-400F ran onto rough ground.

The aircraft – bearing the Icelandic registration TF-AMU – is pictured on social media with its nose-gear and main landing-gear in the grass.

It bears the logo of Kenya’s Astral Aviation, although the freighter has been wet-leased from Air Atlanta Icelandic, according to Cirium fleets data.

The aircraft is a 1999 airframe fitted with General Electric CF6 powerplants.

Doncaster Sheffield airport has issued a NOTAM stating that the airport is closed “due aircraft obstruction” on the runway.

The aircraft touched down on runway 02 – which has a length of about 2,500m – at around 13:30 on 14 July.

Circumstances of the travel onto rough ground have yet to be clarified. Meteorological data for the time of the landing indicate crosswinds from the west, but otherwise no adverse conditions.

Astral Aviation primarily serves intra-African routes from Nairobi.