UK investigators are probing a recent EasyJet Airbus A319 departure from London Gatwick, after suspecting a take-off calculation error.

The aircraft (OE-LQE) had taken off from Gatwick bound for Seville in Spain on 30 September.

French investigation authority BEA, citing UK counterparts, says the aircraft was involved in a “serious” incident.

Preliminary data points to an “error in take-off performance calculation”, it states, without elaborating.

The aircraft took off to the west at about 07:00, around the time of sunrise. Weather conditions at the time were good.

Gatwick has two parallel runways, 26L and 26R, both with displaced thresholds. Runway 26L is the longer at 3,316m.

The aircraft involved was operated by EasyJet Europe, the Austrian division established by the budget carrier last year as part of preparations for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

EasyJet has been involved in several investigations into take-off data incidents, at airports including London Luton, Malaga, Lisbon, Belfast and Lille.

Last year the UK’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch stated that EasyJet was reviewing cockpit procedures following the incidents.

Source: Cirium Dashboard