Israeli regulators have issued an urgent directive containing loading restrictions for Boeing 737 converted freighters, following the discovery of a manufacturing flaw in the 9g rigid barrier.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has classified the directive, from the Israeli civil aviation authority, as an emergency publication with action to be taken before the next flight.

It applies to 737-300s, -400s and -700s which have undergone special freighter conversion at the Bedek division of Israel Aerospace Industries.

The loading restrictions, which are contained in a service bulletin published by IAI, follow a review of the process used to manufacture the 9g barrier installed on the aircraft.

This barrier is designed to restrain the main deck cargo load, particularly during rapid deceleration. Rigid barriers are intended to replace nets and allow the space normally reserved for stretching of these nets to be re-allocated.

IAI’s directive says a manufacturing “non-compliance” could “seriously affect” the ability of the rigid barrier to meet the demands of an emergency landing.

Limits in the IAI service bulletin include reducing cargo weights for each loading configuration and, if necessary, using additional straps.