Investigators have disclosed that the captain of the crashed Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max had logged a total of 103h on the type, while the first officer had 56h.

While the captain had accumulated total flying time of more than 8,100h, including over 1,400h on 737s, neither pilot had extensive experience in operating the re-engined version of the twinjet.

The captain had obtained a first officer type rating on the 737-800 in early 2011 and progressed to command qualification in October 2017, says the Ethiopian aircraft accident investigation bureau probing the 10 March accident.

He underwent differences training on the 737 Max in July last year.

Investigators state that his most recent simulator training experience occurred in late September last year, immediately before a simulator proficiency check, just over five months before the accident.

Crew records also show that the first officer’s most recent simulator experience was a proficiency check in early December last year.

He qualified as a first officer on both the 737-800 and 737 Max in mid-December.

Source: Cirium Dashboard