Ural Airlines has disclosed that the Airbus A321 which came down in a cornfield after a take-off incident at Moscow Zhukovsky will be cut up for scrap.

The airline stresses that it does not plan to reuse "any part" of the twinjet which lost power, apparently after a bird-strike, and carried out a gear-up touchdown in the field.

Ural Airlines says the jet has been "fully prepared" for removal, including dismantling of the engines.

Fuel has been removed and other pressurised systems, including the hydraulics and oxygen units, have been discharged or taken out.

In co-ordination with traffic police from the region the aircraft will be cut up and taken away from the scene for disposal from 23 August.

Investigators are still probing the 15 August accident. All the passengers and crew survived the emergency landing involving flight U6178 to Simferopol.

Source: FlightGlobal.com