One of Icelandair’s Boeing 757-200s appears to have suffered a landing-gear collapse upon arrival at Reykjavik’s Keflavik airport.

Images from the scene circulating on social media, purporting to show the aftermath, indicate that the right-hand main landing-gear has collapsed, leaving the twinject (TF-FIA) listing to the right with its starboard powerplant contacting the ground.

It had conducted an approach to runway 10 at about 15:45 following a service from Berlin.

Weather conditions for the time of arrival indicate mist and reduced visibility, with strong winds from the south-east at 42kt, gusting to 56kt, according to meteorological data from Keflavik.

NOTAM information issued by the airport states that runway 10/28 is closed due to an “obstacle” on the runway. Operations at Keflavik have continued with the north-south runway designated 01/19.

Neither Icelandair, Keflavik’s airport operator nor the Icelandic accident investigation authority has commented on the event.

Cirium fleets data shows the airframe involved, powered by Rolls-Royce RB211 engines, was manufactured in 2000 and originally delivered to Iberia.