Meteorological data indicates that a Ryanair Boeing 737-800 was subject to a tailwind when it overran while landing on a runway covered with wet snow at Dortmund.

The crew of the aircraft, arriving from London Stansted in reduced visibility on 5 December last year, had been informed that runway 06 was 100% wet with 2mm of wet snow.

German investigation authority BFU has released weather information showing 2kt wind from 250°, which would have resulted in a tailwind component.

Flight-data recorder information indicates the aircraft, with a weight of 61.4t, was travelling with a groundspeed of about 140kt at it touched down.

Runway 06 was operating with a 300m offset threshold, which reduced its 2,000m length to an available landing distance of 1,700m.

The aircraft’s thrust reversers were fully deployed and brakes applied but, although the jet decelerated, it crossed the displaced threshold at 60kt and came to a stop on a paved clearway just off the runway end.

BFU has not reached any conclusions as to the reason for the overrun. It says an inspection found no evidence that the autobrake or anti-skid control systems were malfunctioning.

None of the 169 passengers or six crew members was injured, and the aircraft (EI-DLV) was undamaged.

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At the time of the incident Dortmund’s runway had wet snow over its full length