United Arab Emirates investigators have embarked on reviewing a draft final report into the Emirates Boeing 777-300 landing accident at Dubai two years ago.

The aircraft was destroyed after a gear-up landing on runway 12L, after failing to climb away during an attempted go-around.

While all of the passengers and crew members survived, a firefighter was killed when a wing fuel tank exploded some 9min after the aircraft came to a halt.

Investigators have previously detailed the accident sequence, but several contributing aspects to the accident and the decision-making process have yet to be clarified.

The UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority states that a draft final report has been issued, detailing the findings, cause and contributing elements, as well as safety recommendations.

It has started an internal air accident investigation division review of the final report and will undertake a consultation process with various relevant authorities, as well as the airline, following which the GCAA will either amend the report accordingly or attach disagreeing comments.

Once this is complete, says the GCAA, the report will be published.

Source: Cirium Dashboard