Russia's Interstate Aviation Committee has managed to reconstruct the entire ill-fated flight of the Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 destroyed in a fatal fire at Moscow Sheremetyevo, as it prepares to release a preliminary analysis of the accident.

One month after the 5 May event the committee states that it has studied the wreckage, analysed flight recorders, decoded airborne and ground-based monitoring information, and examined images captured by surveillance video cameras.

It says a "complete flight reconstruction" has been presented to the Russian ministry of transport following synchronisation of cockpit-voice recordings and air-ground communications with Moscow air traffic services.

The committee stresses that the preliminary analysis – running to more than 100 pages, and set to be published after final proofing – will not include a conclusion on the causes of the accident, which resulted in 41 fatalities.

But it says that technical commission for the inquiry has agreed that recommendations made so far are sufficient. The technical commission includes Interstate Aviation Committee specialists as well as representatives from Aeroflot, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, and federal regulator Rosaviatsia.

Investigation of the accident has already proven a sensitive and contentious matter, with Aeroflot having publicly rebuked senior government figures for making comments before the completion of the inquiry.

Source: Cirium Dashboard