European safety regulators have ordered repetitive inspections of push-pull controls on Aircraft Industries Let L-410 engines, after a fatal accident involving the type in Russia.

Investigation into the November 2017 crash involving a Khabarovsk Airlines aircraft, on approach to Nelkan, determined that its starboard engine effectively entered the reverse-thrust ‘beta’ regime.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency initially advised checks on propeller controls for the General Electric H80-200 engine as well as the beta switch, before formally instructing certain switches to be replaced.

But EASA has revised its directive after finding that engine push-pull settings “may be inadvertently changed” after certain maintenance or modification actions – such as replacement of a fuel-control unit.

It states that the push-pull control, as a result, requires conditional repetitive inspections and adjustment. The directive has also been extended to the H85-200 powerplant.

Source: Cirium Dashboard