Brazilian investigators are probing an incident in which a LATAM Airlines Airbus A321 touched down on the wrong runway at Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport.

The aircraft (PT-MXH) had been “authorised” to land on runway 27L during its arrival on 26 September, says the Brazilian accident investigation agency CENIPA.

But the aircraft instead touched down on the parallel runway 27R.

The two runways are separated by around 380m, although 27L’s threshold is over 1km further west than its neighbour’s.

CENIPA describes the incident as “serious” and puts the time of occurrence at 15:47. The aircraft had been arriving from Fortaleza.

None of the 184 passengers and eight crew members was injured. Visibility and weather conditions at the time were good, according to meteorological data from the airport.

Source: Cirium Dashboard