Iranian investigators have disclosed that a Mahan Air Airbus A300-600 crew did not execute a go-around during a bounced landing which subsequently involved a tail-strike.

The General Electric CF6-powerd aircraft (EP-MNK) had conducted an approach to Tehran Mehrabad following a service from Asaluyeh, on the coast of the Persian Gulf, on 6 June.

Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation says the aircraft, which had 121 passengers, landed on runway 29L but bounced three times.

Visibility during the daylight landing was good, and meteorological data indicates an 18kt headwind at the time.

Poor decision-making, says the inquiry, meant that an opportunity to conduct a go-around after the first bounce was not taken. The twinjet continued to bounce and struck its tail.

Investigators state that the A300 suffered aft fuselage skin damage.

As an immediate measure pilots are to undergo further flight and crew resource management training, says the inquiry, and the event will be recreated on simulators in order to highlight the need for quick and effective action.

Mahan Air’s aircraft is a 27-year old airframe formerly used by Lufthansa, according to Flight Fleets Analyzer.

Source: Cirium Dashboard