Nigerian investigators have retrieved the flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders from the Dana Air Boeing MD-82 which suffered a runway excursion on arrival at Lagos on 23 April.

The aircraft arrived at Lagos around 9:20, touching down on a wet runway 18L.

Nigeria’s Safety Investigation Bureau says the twinjet had a “technical problem” with its landing-gear and “experienced directional control problems” after landing.

It veered to the left of the runway and onto the grass near the link 6 exit point, says the bureau.

None of the 83 passengers and six crew members was injured, it adds. The runway was temporarily closed.

“We will leave no stone unturned in examining all aspects surrounding the incident,” insists the bureau’s director general Capt Alex Badeh.

Dana Air-c-NCAA

Source: Nigeria CAA

Dana Air operates a fleet which includes MD-80 variants

The bureau states that its inquiry team had obtained the flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders, which will be transferred to its facilities for download.

It has carried out survey work to establish the distance the aircraft travelled during the excursion, while the crew has been interviewed.

The bureau says it will also analyse weather conditions, communications from air traffic control, human factors, and look at the jet’s airworthiness status and maintenance records, particularly with regards to the landing-gear.

“All stakeholders involved in the operation of this aircraft, including the manufacturer, are being notified,” it adds.

Investigators aim to produce a preliminary report within 30 days. “Protecting lives and maintaining public confidence in air travel is our utmost priority,” says Badeh.