Norwegian has suspended operations with Boeing 737 Max jets, as regulatory pressure on the twinjet type continues to build.

The budget airline had already been affected by the decision by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to halt operations of the re-engined aircraft within the country.

Norwegian is among the operators of the type in the UK.

But the budget carrier, which has a total of 18 Max jets across its Norwegian, Swedish and Irish divisions, says it is suspending services with the aircraft.

“In response to the temporary suspension of Boeing 737 Max operations by multiple aviation authorities we have taken the decision to not operate flights using this aircraft type,” says acting chief operating officer Tomas Hesthammer.

While the Norwegian civil aviation administration has acknowledged the airline’s decision, the regulator has yet to clarify whether it is ordering action against the Max.

Its Swedish and Irish counterparts have each indicated that they are awaiting more information from the investigation into the loss of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 on 10 March.

Norwegian says it has orders for 110 737 Max jets. The carrier also has 110 737-800s, the predecessor to the Max 8, which are unaffected by the suspension.

Source: Cirium Dashboard