Ireland's Shannon airport has suspended operations after an incident involving a Boeing 767-300 on its main runway.

The airport is the subject of a NOTAM stating that its main runway, 06/24, has been closed "due to aircraft incident" as of 07:08.

Shannon airport's operator has not given specific details of the occurrence beyond indicating that it involves a 767-300.

"All passengers and crew have disembarked," it says, adding that emergency services are attending.

But operator Omni Air International says the event concerns its flight OY531 which, it says, has been evacuated after an aborted take-off.

"Initial reports indicate no serious injuries to passengers or crew," it adds.

Omni Air International is a US-based carrier which operates a fleet of Boeing 767s and 777s. It operates charter flights for a variety of customers including tour operators, airlines and government agencies.

The company has not identified the route or the nature of the flight from Shannon.

"Our primary concern at this time is for [people's] safety," says the carrier. "We are participating in the investigation of this incident."

Omni Air International has previously carried out flights at the airport on behalf of the US military, a controversial use of Shannon which has been the subject of debates in the Irish parliament.

Shannon airport's operator states: "We are currently working to remove the aircraft from the scene of the incident so we can resume safe operations on the runway. This may take some time."