Japanese investigators are probing a loss of thrust in both engines on a Jetstar Boeing 787-8 during its approach to Osaka’s Kansai airport.

The aircraft had departed Cairns on 29 March and was descending through 4,900m (16,100ft) at around 18:50 when the starboard engine’s indicated readings became “unstable”, says the Japan Transport Safety Board.

Cirium’s Fleets Analyzer lists the aircraft (VH-VKJ) as a 2015 airframe powered by General Electric GEnx-1B engines.

The JTSB states, in a preliminary bulletin, that the thrust of the left-hand engine then “temporarily decreased” and that of the right-hand engine “also decreased”.

This loss of thrust occurred when the aircraft was 90km south-west of Kansai at around 3,600m.

Meteorological data for Kansai airport at the time shows good visibility and no significant weather conditions. The aircraft subsequently landed at 19:19.

None of the occupants of the 787 was injured.

Source: Cirium Dashboard