Canadian investigators have determined that a Jazz Bombardier Q400 underwent engine oil checks before a departure from Toronto during which it lost a cowl door from its left-hand powerplant.

The door separated from the nacelle on take-off and struck the left wing’s leading edge, damaging the de-icing boot.

Its crew was unaware of the event, says the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, which occurred on 25 January as the turboprop (C-GGMU) headed for Saint John.

No engine vibration indications or other cockpit alerts were issued and the door was only observed to be missing after the aircraft parked at the destination terminal.

The board says the door was found on runway 24R at Toronto.

It states that the carrier’s maintenance personnel had undertaken a pre-flight inspection before the departure, and that this included an oil-quantity check “in the area of the missing cowl”.

Jazz is probing the incident. Flight Fleets Analyzer lists the aircraft involved as a 2011 airframe, powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A engines.

Source: Cirium Dashboard