Scandinavian operator SAS is offering passengers the opportunity to purchase biofuel as part of the airline’s sustainability strategy.

The initiative is a not-for-profit service, simply adding to biofuels already being bought by the airline.

Customers will be able to purchase 20min “blocks” of flight time powered by biofuel, says SAS, on a per-passenger basis.

The price is currently fixed at $10 or €10 for a block.

Passengers will have the option of buying biofuel when booking tickets and subsequently in the run-up to departure.

“The amount of biofuel will not necessarily be used on the actual flight the traveler has bought a ticket for,” the airline points out.

“But it will be used to replace fossil jet fuel to the equivalent amount in SAS’s operations.”

SAS states that volumes of biofuel being produced are “not enough” – and prices are three or four times higher than conventional fuel – and that it wants to “pioneer a large-scale and competitive market for biofuel” through the new ancillary product.

“We are now inviting our travellers to be part of the transition to a more sustainable way of travelling,” says SAS executive vice-president, commercial, Karl Sandlund.

SAS’s environmental policy includes a target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25% by 2030.

“This product makes it easier for our customers to contribute to this development,” says Sandlund. “It also shows the additional costs of biofuel today and highlights the need for an increased supply of commercial biofuel.”