Argentinean investigators have opened a probe after an Embraer 190 apparently lost its left-hand nose-wheel in Rosario.

The Austral Lineas Aereas twinjet (LV-CHQ) had arrived at Rosario following a service from Buenos Aires on 16 February.

Argentinean accident investigation authority JIAAC says the incident occurred at about 23:10 local time and none of those on board was injured.

But the incident is the second nose-wheel loss to occur to an Austral E190 in about two years.

JIAAC completed last year an investigation into the previous incident, to LV-CID in January 2018, which occurred before take-off at Mar del Plata when the left-hand nose-wheel detached during taxiing.

Examination of the failure turned up evidence of corrosive pitting and that this had led to an undetected fissure.

JIAAC had stated in its conclusions that it believed the incident was “isolated”.

It has yet to disclose any findings regarding the circumstances of the latest incident, or indicate whether a similar mechanism led to the failure.

Cirium fleets data shows that the two aircraft first flew six weeks apart – LV-CHQ in November 2010, LV-CID in December 2010 – before they were respectively delivered to Austral in December 2010 and February 2011.