Adria Airways has twice been fined by Slovenia’s consumer-protection regulator for selling tickets for flights it was unable to conduct over the last week.

Slovenia’s market inspectorate says the airline, which is privately-owned, was selling tickets for 26-27 September flights despite these services being “uncertain” because the carrier had suspended all flights for 24-25 September.

Adria subsequently reinstated a minimum service on 26-29 September, operating only its Frankfurt route.

The inspectorate says the company’s management was “misleading consumers” who had placed “good faith” in the airline, because it should have known that it would not be operating flights for which tickets were advertised.

It states that Adria, which is under the threat of having its operating licence revoked, is being fined for “unfair business practices”.

The inspectorate has also imposed a second similar fine on the carrier because it continued to sell tickets for some 28-29 September flights even though the situation regarding operation of those flights remained unclear.

Adria has been issued with a prohibition preventing it from selling tickets for flights it is unable to carry out.