UK civil aviation regulators have ordered a temporary suspension of Boeing 737 Max operations in the country, becoming the latest authority to implement measures against the type.

The Civil Aviation Authority explains that it does not have “sufficient information” from the investigation into the Ethiopian Airlines Max 8 crash on 10 March.

It says it is halting flights from any operator using the type within UK airspace, adding that the suspension will remain in place “until further notice”.

The CAA lists six 737 Max 8s on the UK register, all with tour operator TUI Airways.

Norwegian is among foreign users of the type, deploying the Max on transatlantic routes from the UK.

TUI Airways confirms it has grounded all the 737 Max jets it operates in the UK.

“Any customers due to fly home today on a 737 Max 8 from their holiday will be flown back on another aircraft,” says the carrier.

“Customers due to travel in the coming days will also travel on holiday as planned on other aircraft. The safety and wellbeing of our customers and staff has remained our primary concern.”

Norwegian has previously expressed its confidence in the 737 Max, and has been continuing to fly the type on its network.

"If we had any doubts about safety, we would not have operated these aircraft," says acting chief operating officer Tomas Hesthammer. "The safety of our passengers and employees always comes first."

TUI Airways is one of several carriers within TUI Group using the 737 Max. The company has 15 of the type across its airline divisions, including its operations in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Source: Cirium Dashboard