Russian investigators state that the Utair Boeing 737-800 involved in an overrun accident at Sochi came to rest 200m from the end of the runway.

Federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia has confirmed that the aircraft aborted its initial approach owing to “unfavourable” weather conditions, and that the aircraft overran as it landed on the second attempt.

The 737, arriving from Moscow Vnukovo in darkness on 1 September, had been subjected to rain and strong wind gusts.

Rosaviatsia adds that, although there were no fatalities among the 166 passengers and six crew members, a department head of Sochi airport died during the rescue operation.

Utair says the captain of the 737 had logged over 14,000h including nearly 5,400h on type. Its first officer had similar levels of experience with over 5,000h on type from a total of more than 12,100h.

The aircraft overran into the bed of the river Mzymta which lies beyond the end of Sochi’s runway 06.

Rosaviatsia says the investigation is being conducted by a commission involving representatives from the aircraft manufacturer, the airport, and Utair.

Source: Cirium Dashboard