Video images have emerged purportedly showing the moment that a KLM Boeing 747-400 under tow collided with ground support equipment at Amsterdam Schiphol.

The aircraft is shown being towed into a parking position before its outboard right-hand General Electric CF6 strikes a cargo-loading vehicle, apparently unattended, on the ramp.

Photographs circulated on social media last week showed a KLM 747-400 at Schiphol with substantial damage to its outboard right-hand engine following a ramp strike with a freight loader.

The aircraft appears to be PH-BFN which was being towed having previously arrived from Paramaribo, in Suriname, on 15 October.

This airframe – which Flight Fleets Analyzers lists as a 25-year old jet – has previously been involved in a towing accident, suffering serious damage in 2006 when a tractor became wedged under its fuselage.

Source: Cirium Dashboard